About Me

I am guided by intellectual curiosity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to change broken systems.

I live in San Francisco. I grew up in Denver.

I am a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Claremont McKenna College.

I have worked: in construction, at a golf course, for a foreign policy think-tank, for a European lobbying group, for a strategy consulting firm, for a water clean-tech startup, for a micro-satellite startup, and for multiple health food companies.

l have run a non-profit. (It is hard.)

I value sports and fitness. I run, bike, and swim (= triathlons). I play basketball but live in constant fear of the inevitable pickup game injury that befalls all white men circa the age of 30. I still have dreams about lacrosse, which I played for a decade.

I like to eat food. Mostly plants (on a good day). And not too much. But I also like beer.

I value the environment. I need to camp more.

I have officiated a wedding and changed one diaper (for a baby). I have occasional zombie nightmares.

I enjoy writing. I hope you enjoy reading it. I also write for http://ediblestartups.com/


Panel Moderator, “Rising to the Food Waste Challenge,” Local Food Lab, 12/2013. CSPAN coverage: http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/FoodW
Panelist, “Food Careers: Entrepreneurship and Start-ups,” Stanford University Food Summit, 10/2013.
Panel Moderator, “The World of Online Grocery Delivery,” Local Food Lab, 09/2013.
Panelist, “Silicon Valley Alumni,” Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association and Information Technology Advisory Board, 12/2012.
Panelist, “Entrepreneurship: Create Your Future,” Claremont McKenna College Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 09/2012.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Erik Thompson

    This morning I saw the 12/16/13 food waste mgmt. & reduction gathering, on CSPAN. I went to GSB 1984 (and Stanford Food Research Inst), and almost went to Clarement Men’s College. Currently spend significant time in a foodie haven on western Minnesota prairie (where I am chairman of a small bank), assisted with a migrant food producer coop startup, and I do home vermiculture and compost. Not sure how we can benefit each other (you are vibrant and energetic, I am slowing down), but wanted to initiate contact. I pass through Bay Area a few times per year, frequently staying with a Master Gardener in Mountain View.

  2. Robert Wotring

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Let me know if you’d like to discuss the clinically proven fast acting prebiotic line that we launched this week here in Palo Alto. I believe that you’d find our research, clinical response, and plans to be unlike any you’ve run across to date. You can find us at GoodGutDaily.com


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